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Sharon P. Carson is a Christian author, a poet and a motivational speaker, writing since the age of thirteen. Sharon is also a State Certified Real Estate Appraiser having practiced within the State of Illinois.

It is the author’s desire, to inspire her readers to a higher sense of their purposes, knowing that their dreams become reality only when they wake up to their possibilities and press through their fears.  A line in one of the author’s poems “Why” is; “you’ll find the things you’ve dreamed of were always very near but that which kept you from them was fear just plain old fear”

The overarching themes of all the author’s endeavors are life, love, happiness and the power within.

In the author’s words; “We are who God knew we would be and are more than we think we are”.

Sharon P. Carson

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Lessons in life, love, happiness & the power of the Holy Spirit

Through the death, burial and resurrection of our intercessor and Savior Jesus Christ, we have been provided eternal access to God and we can talk directly to him. But to experience the totality of the salvation that Jesus has provided, we must not only speak to God, we must learn to hear God speak to us.
God is always online, never has an away message, never sends you into voice mail and never refers you to an angel to take a message.
All that is written in this book is based on the authors personal conversations with God and embody the essence of what the Lord told her regarding life, love, happiness and the power within, SPIRIT TO SPIRIT


Lessons in loving yourself the "WEIGH" you are on the way to where you want to go

This book is not about dieting or how to lose weight. The book was not written to encourage or discourage overweight women regarding dieting. It is the author’s opinion that overweight people and women in particular have been stigmatized, judged by others and culturally targeted to believe that their body weight carries the most weight in determining their beauty and all other attributes are marginal in comparison.

It is the authors opinion that; a societal fixation on the external has resulted in body weight becoming more important than what it embodies. This book is an attempt to reverse that train of thought. There are many unhappy women struggling to lose weight, riding a roller coaster of emotions between self-love and self-hate powered by fluctuations in their weight. The author feels that happiness should be sustained at whatever weight you are or between every pound lost and found on the way to where you want to go! This book wants to encourage women to love themselves unconditionally, the “weigh” they are and not to value themselves in pounds and ounces because they are “More than ‘Meats’ the Eye”.

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As indicated on the website; https://twitter.com/thelordtoldme, Sharon Carson is a Christian, and her daily tweets do not originate from any internet or outside sources or resources, her only source is the inspiration of God! God desires a conversational relationship with all His children.  God speaks through the soft inner voice of the “Holy Spirit” which is Gods spirit that embodies all Christians.  The authors tweets, however, are based on her personal conversations with God, spirit to spirit.

God is always online, never having an away message, never sends you into voice mail and never refers you to an angel to take a message.


The best home based business in America

Statistics show that there is an imminent Real Estate Appraiser shortage which will translate into even higher fees for Real Estate Appraisers in the future.  The appraiser shortage has resulted in the relaxing of some of the requirements for State Certification.

Now is the time to start the journey towards becoming a Real Estate Appraiser and this book is the perfect starting point and a comprehensive guide for those desiring to enter into a field that the author considers “The best home-based business in America”.

The primary focus of the book is to guide the reader towards a career in Residential Real Estate Appraising.

The author is a veteran State Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser who has worked primarily from a home base for the majority of her career. The author has found the profession to be extremely suited to a home-based operation, without diminishing the highest standards of professional practice, quality of work, and the professionalism expected of the modern real estate appraiser.

“The earth is real estate and so long as it exists there will be a need for a Real Estate Appraiser”. (Author: Sharon P. Carson)

Act like a lady-Think like a man

Keys to uncovering your self worth and surviving a love knock out

Act like a Lady Think like a Man is a collection of short but powerful lessons that are intended to inspire women to practice both self-love and tough love in relationships.

The author reasons that after a marital or relational break-up, the man quickly moves on to another relationship but the woman, more often than not, continues to carry emotional garbage around for long periods of time and onto future relationships.

The authors hope for the book is that it will inspire women to throw out their emotional garbage and move from pain to gain and she is certain that she has written a God inspired book that will help them to do so.

In Sharon Carson’s words; “The book is small (52-page paperback), but so are diamonds. Some have found my original title “Act like a lady – Think like a man” and tried to give it a message, but God firstly gave me a message and only afterwards did he give me a title”.


A collection of poems written by Sharon P. Carson, covering a wide range of topics.


A transformative shortcut through highlights in Black history

Go Tell the Children is a transformative pictorial stroll through highlights in Black History. The book was not written to denigrate the Black youths who wear their pants sagged, in order to purposely show off their underwear, it was written to uplift them.

The pictorial cover of the book showing two Black youths wearing sagging pants is an effort by the author to awaken a youthful curiosity that may encourage further exploration of the book itself.

The author is not a historian neither is the book intended to be a textbook or a chronology of Black history. The book is not gendered specific, it was written for both males and females, for those who wear their pants sagging and for those who hopefully never will.

The book allows the reader to follow the transitioning of the two young men pictured on the cover of the book to the end of the book as they stroll through pages of Black history


Valuable inside knowledge for buyers & sellers of residential real estate

The information contained in this book is intended to provide buyers, seller and investors of residential real estate a view of the appraisal process and how their home is viewed and valued through the eyes of a veteran real estate appraiser.

It is the authors opinion that by sharing some valuable information relative to what a real estate appraiser knows and what every buyer, seller and investor should, has the potential to translate into savings for buyers and increased profits for sellers and investors.

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